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about champlainpartners



Champlain Partners, LLC., is a privately held technology and real estate advisory company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and was founded in 2018 by Jermaine G. Cobbs.


The company operates businesses within real estate, property management, co-working spaces, technology and hospitality industries. We specifically utilize advancements in technology to spearhead our efforts of improving our daily lifestyle. Most recently, all of our business efforts were independently operated, but in an effort to streamline our business, we formed Champlain Partners to better control and lead our growth strategy and to better position the firm for continued success.


Our growth strategy is simple, offer our incredible products and services at affordable rates for our clients, all while ensuring our investors and partners benefit from strong financial performance, yielding stable yet increasing returns on investment. Currently operating in the southern United States, we plan future growth across all of our brands on a nationwide level.


We take great pride in operating a lean business, employing only the best passionate individuals and most importantly operating with the highest regard to sustainability, corporate governance, utmost privacy and superior corporate citizenship.